• Chemical Analysis

    This category includes Chromatography , Auto Chemistry Analyzer and other instruments used for chemical analysis.

  • Physical Testing

    This category includes Particle size analyzer,Interfacial surface tension meter,Thermal analyzer,Surface interface testing instruments.

  • Laboratory

    This category includes many kinds of instruments used for laboratory testing.

  • Pathology Equipment

    This category includes Liquid-based cell , Tissue Processor, Embedding Machine, Paraffin Embedding Machine, Slicer, Tissue Dyeing Machine, Automatic tissue dehydration machine, Slid spreading machine, etc.

  • Life Sciences

    This category includes clinical laboratory instruments, liquid nitrogen container, automated medium dispenser ,protein purification system ,Gel imaging system  and so on.

  • Measuring & Metering

    This category includes scales and balances.

  • Environmental

    This category includes Water Quality Analyzer.

  • Optical

    This category includes Electron Microscope.

  • Consumables

    General labratory supplies

  • Ultrasonic Homogenizer

    Also known as Sonicator, ultrasonic emulsification machine, ultrasonic dispersion machine, Ideally used in Animal Plant Cells Broken. it can be used for crushing various animals and plants, viruses, cells, bacteria and tissue, also can be used to emulsify, separation, homogenization, extraction , anti-foaming, clear, vegetation nanomaterials, dispersion and speed up chemical reactions.

    Instruments are widely used in biology, microbiology, physics, zoology, agriculture, pharmaceutical and other areas of teaching, research, production.

  • Chromatography

    Chromatography may be preparative or analytical. The purpose of preparative chromatography is to separate the components of a mixture for more advanced use (and is thus a form of purification). Analytical chromatography is done normally with smaller amounts of material and is for measuring the relative proportions of analytes in a mixture. The two are not mutually exclusive.

  • Spectrometer

    Spectrometer instruments like Spectrophotometer, AAS, ICP, Direct-read Spectrometer and etc.