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PA909LW Auto Wet Dispersion Laser Particle Size Analyzer


PA909LW laser particle size analyzer is based on user demand for high-performance instruments and the development of a high performance particle size analyzer. 

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PA909LW laser particle size analyzer is based on user demand for high-performance instruments and the development of a high performance particle size analyzer. PA909LW adopts the international advanced long focal length optical detection system, optimization and reverse double backward scattered light detector layout, upgraded ADC signal acquisition systems, innovative adaptive noise suppression algorithms, combined with imported high-quality He-Ne laser light source, so PA909LW laser particle size analyzer capable of detecting a wider range of particle size measurement needs, high automation, large dynamic range, good repeatability & resolution. The intelligent monitoring and control software, specialized test report templates can be defined, with simple and easy to operate and a variety of reports browse comparative data export functions, so that the particle size measurement and analysis from becoming relaxed.

Measure the particle size distribution of powder or latex.

Light is an electromagnetic wave. When light meets with particles on it way of traveling, the interaction between light and particles will result in deviations of part of the light, which is called light scattering. The bigger the scattering angle is, the particle size will be smaller, the smaller the scattering angle is, the particle size will be bigger. The particle analyzer instruments will analysis the particle distribution according to this physical character of the light wave.

Output item
Particle size distribution table, particle size distribution curve, median diameter, Characteristics of particle diameter, width coefficient, specific surface area, percentage content of particles, > 80μm percentage (fineness), others

1, Reliable optical platform
PA909LW system uses a monolithic housing, aluminum base and modular design, dust and water & outside stray light proof effect is obvious, minimal maintenance requirements. Using debugging tooling to adjust & locate the position of assistance & main detector at one time, positioning is more accurate, beneficial to obtain more accurate data wide-angle light, which will help to enhance the performance of testing small particles.
2, Optimized single-lens optical structure
After using lens Fourier transform structure, breaking the constraints of the Fourier lens pupil, the scattered light from all angles, including the backscatter detector positioning can be received; and single-lens optical path refraction, reflection surfaces minimized, background noise can be further reduced to low level, to improve the signal noise ratio of the measurement instrument.
3, High-performance import He-Ne gas laser source
The system uses imported He-Ne gas laser light source, optical quality is better, more stable and reliable, warm-up time is short, longer life, and thus suitable for more demanding applications, compared to other types of lasers which monochrome well, coherence is high, small divergence angle, stability, etc.
4, New spatial filter design and integration of the laser transmitter patented technology
PA909LW light source with integrated laser transmitter patented design (patent number: 00228952.0) and Imported permanent space filter design to eliminate the effects of diffraction rings. And laser output power stability detection and filtering smoothing technology, light scattering data is more accurate test to further improve the performance of the system, in particular test the performance of large particles.
5,Equitable distribution, high sensitivity photodetectors combination
PA909LW laser particle analyzer has depth optimization and integration on photodetector layout, include front to lateral, wide-angle, dual backward scattered light detectors and reverse three-dimensional detection system, all detectors are arranged exactly to focus on the Fourier plane, combined with using low noise and wide-angle large size, backward and reverse detector, to ensure that the instrument has excellent dynamic range, excellent resolution and sensitivity, effectively ensuring light scattering of small particles of information comprehensive and accurate acquisition, instrument measurement limit to 0.02um.
6, Long focal length Fourier lens
PA909LW laser particle size analyzer chosen 556mm long focal length Fourier lens, increases the measured distance from the measuring window to photodetector plane, between making a smaller scattering angle scattered light signal difference there is sufficient space to be able to accurately detect the photodetector,, the ability to identify the minimum scattering angle of 0.016 degrees, the instrument test the ability of large particles is enhanced measurement limit of 2100μm.
7, Intelligent automatic alignment
Intelligent software control system ensures automatic alignment precise optical alignment & the reproducibility of multiple measurements. Combined with software functionality of intelligent judgments, to avoid the conventional particle size measurement bias in the results because of the bad result, and can extend the life of the institution.
8, Advanced data acquisition and processing technology
Optimized synchronous 8-channel analog to digital converter 18 ADC sampling technology and ultra-low leakage current sample hold switch, a full-scale accuracy up to 0.15%, meantime electricity background is more lower, combined with electrical background compensation function, help obtain a more accurate light data and Improve the dynamic range of light to obtain the test has also been a corresponding increase in the ability to distinguish.
9. Friendly & practical software Functions

  1. SOP standardization operating procedure function, it standardizes the analysis & testing process.
  2. The software can real-timely display and can regulate the status of automated sample feeder.
  3. The software owns intelligent alignment judgement function, time-saving and efficient.
  4. Intelligent recognition of sampling status.
  5. Multiple distribution models: general mode, enhanced mode, single mode
  6. Multiple report models: General purpose, sieving, percentage, average, statistics and fitting reports.
  7. Report items can be revised according to different industries’ requirements.
  8. Reports can be exported as PDF, Excel format or other text format files
  9. Multiple reports can be opened at the same time, easy to compare among reports
  10. Complete, open database of sample material, owns more than 200 kinds of commonly used material parameters. Users can define refractive index parameters by themselves, including real part and imaginary part (correspond the absorption of sample)

Theory: Mie scattering
Measuring Range: 0.2 ~ 2100μm
Sample Feeding: wet dispersion circulation injection
Repeatability: <1% (standard sample D50)
Alignment: intelligent automated alignment, accuracy of alignment: 0.2μm
Scan frequency: 1 kHz
Measurement Duration: 1-2 minutes
Detectors: 90 pcs, included forward, lateral, wide-angle, backward and reverse photoelectric detectors
Light Source: imported He-Ne laser, power: greater than 2.0 mW, wave length: 0.6328 μm
ADC analog to digital conversion: 18bit
Environmental Requirement: 
Temperature: 5-35°C
Humidity: <85%
Report Items: Particle size distribution table & graph, Average diameter, Median diameter, SSA, etc.
Dimension (L X W X H): 1320×340×360mmm (host)
Packing size: 1600×450×480 mm (host)


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